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Between Laughter and Battles:
The Imaginary Journey of the Lonely Clown'


"In 'Between Laughter and Battles: The Imaginary Journey of the Lonely Clown', we are transported into the magical and surreal world of Maria Eugênia, a solitary clown whose vibrant imagination leads her through a universe of fantasy and dreams. As she indulges in her playfulness and daydreams, she remains oblivious to the harsh reality surrounding her: an invisible war consuming the world around her.

In this immersive spectacle, we invite the audience to actively participate in the story, diving into the clown's universe and becoming part of her adventures. As the plot unfolds, spectators discover that their interactions and choices have a direct impact on Maria Eugênia's fate and the unfolding narrative.

As the invisible war intensifies, Maria Eugênia begins to glimpse the shadows creeping through her fantasies, confronting her with the harsh reality of the conflict plaguing her world. With the help of the audience, she embarks on an emotional and transformative journey where her childhood daydreams blend with the struggle for survival and hope amidst chaos."


"This is a creative process that began at the onset of the pandemic in 2020 with the assistance of Cesar Gouvea, and is now continuing under the direction of Ibon Goitia. It's a performance that has undergone many changes over time, but in recent meetings has taken a more concrete direction. This is largely due to the journey of Luciana Arcuri and her clown character, Maria Eugenia, who work in hospitals, nursing homes, and refugee camps, as well as in extreme locations such as Lesbos in Greece and Africa.

Luciana Arcuri's experiences inspired the theme of the show, which revolves around this clown who has traveled the world witnessing wars and injustices. Nevertheless, despite facing such adversities, she firmly believes in the transformative power of her art, providing people with smiles, relief, and even comfort."

Team CV, there are two people involved,

Luciana Arcuri as clown and creator,

Ibon Goitia as Director, musician.

collaborator: Cesar Gouvea

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