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She graduated from Communication of the Body (Comunicação das Artes do Corpo) at Pontificia Università Cattolica of  Sao Paulo (Brasil) Majored in Dance and Performance.

Participated in some dance residences in Brazil as a dancer and Performer.

She participated as a dancer and creator of the "Outro Outro Cia de Dança" Company in São Paulo, of the Núcleo de Garagem in São Paulo.

She worked for 4 years in the VOCACIONAL project of the City Hall of São Paulo as coordinator and dance teacher.

She worked at Plataforma Berlin 2017 als dancer with Peti Costa.

Create and performed the show ”Fleuma” oriented by Vera Sala (Tuc e Colective

Theatre). Presented with Pharmakon Cia (dance-performance) – (2005) at Prestes Maia bulding occupation; Sesc Pompéia; Municipal Market of São Paulo. Danced with Crolli , Prospettici Company, Spectacle “Crolli” directed by M. di Stefano (Italy); in performance at Astra Theatre, directed by D.Ninarello (Italy); at dance spectacle organized by CRUD –Centro Regionale Universitario per la danza” Turin Italy.


Dance performance with Nufrekar group, at TEOREMA event, directed by Helena Bastos. Danced at Butoh spectacle, directed by Yukio Waguri, São Paulo, Brasil.

Ausweischen Projekt -
with: Peti Costa, Luciana Arcuri and Fiona
Núcleo de Garagem
with: Peti Costa, Luciana Arcuri, Julia Salem, Camila Venturelli, Josefa Pereira e Isabel Reis
Outro outra Cia de Dança
with: Beatriz Coelho, Luciana Arcuri, Joanna Egypto, Livia Braga, Talita Vinagre e Deise Miranda
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