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Luciana Abel Arcuri: 

performer, clown, dance, teacher

Date / place of birth: 19/05/1984 São Paulo / Brazil

Citizenship: Brazilian / Italian

Languages: German (intermediate), English (intermediate), Italian (advanced), Spanish (intermediate), Portuguese (mother language)


Eye color: brown

Hair color: dark blonde


      Luciana Arcuri was born in Brazil, has lived in Berlin since 2016 and works as a clown for Red Noses Germany - Red Noses International. In recent years she has given workshops in clown and physical theater for beginners and professionals. Luciana has already performed in different countries in Europe, Brazil Venezuela, Afrika, Greece, Bosnia and China. Since 2020 she is part of the Duo “Maria Eugênia & Margarita”, together with Ligia Liberatori. She has been part of the Viewpoints Berlin group since 2019.  Organized the Clown Festival Berlin - 1st edition in 2023. 


       Bachelor Communication in Body and Art languages at Pontificia Università Catolica of  Sao Paulo (Brasil) in Dance and Performance. (2002/2005)


       Lately, develops her research with focus on the proposal of creation in performance, clown, theater and knowledge in dance and its possible inter-relations. 

       Took part of several festivals in Germany,  Italy, Brasil, Venezuela, Bósnia, China, as an interpreter creator in dance, clown and perfomer.


       She works as a clown since 2016 at the Rote Nasen Berlin/Germany and Red Noses international by Emergency Smile.     

       Organized the Clown Festival Berlin - 1st edition in 2023. 

       Since 2020 she is part of the Duo “Maria Eugênia & Margarita”  

       In 2020/21 she worked as a clown dramaturge at Gruppe 8, a Berlin dance group that was sponsored by the Berlin Senate Ministry for Culture and Europe.

       She has been developing her clown since 2000 with several masters, groups, presentations. Created his solo show “Meu sonho Era...” in 2008, it is presented in alternative spaces and theatre.

       Since 2003 she has been teaching and training clowns, for people interested in the art of clowns, beginners and advanced.

       Lately take part of the group Clownbaret (Clown - SP/Brazil), Outro Outra Dance Company (Dance - SP/Brazil), Núcleo de Garagem (Dance - SP/Brazil), Amigos do Nariz Vermelho (Clown/hospital - SP/Brazil), Flamingo Kabaret (Clown/Theater -Berlin/Germany), Sonntags Varieté (Clown/Theater -Berlin/Germany), Filmpark Babelsberg (Clown/Theater/entertainment -Potsdam/Germany).

       Has realized theatral performances between Brazil and Italy, in collaboration with the Italian actors Giovanni Foresti and Paola Omodeo Zorini.


       In 2019 she co-founded the Berlin collective (dance, improvisation and play) “Playground” together with Geraldo Si (dancer and director), Peti Costa (dancer, actress) and Simone Donha (dancer and dance teacher).

       Advisor Artist of Vocacional Dance program from São Paulo (2012-2013). Co-ordinator of the dance team, from Vocacional program (2014-2015) and contemporany dance teacher for childrens at Sala Crisantempo.

       Create and performed the show ”Fleuma” oriented by Vera Sala (Tuc e ColectiveTheatre). Presented with Pharmakon Cia (dance-performance) – (2005) at Prestes Maia bulding occupation; Sesc Pompéia; Municipal Market of São Paulo. Danced with Crolli , Prospettici Company, Spectacle “Crolli” directed by M. di Stefano (Italy); in performance at Astra Theatre, directed by D.Ninarello (Italy); at dance spectacle organized by CRUD –Centro Regionale Universitario per la danza” Turin Italy.

       Dance performance with Nufrekar group, at TEOREMA event, directed by Helena Bastos. Danced at Butoh spectacle, directed by Yukio Waguri, São Paulo, Brasil.


       Developed her clown since 2000, with Pierre Byland (Suiça), Giovanni Foresti ( Italy ), Alberto Gaus (Brazil) , Alessandro Azevedo (Brazil), Silvia Leblon (Brazil), Marcio Ballas (Brazil), Bete Dorgam (Brazil), Cristiane Paoli Quito (Brazil), and others.

       She is 3 dan and since 2007 has been training Aikido in Brazil, Italy and Germany.

       She does the "Get physical process" by Grupo oito (Dance - Berlin/Germany)

       Participates in Viewpoint trainings (Physical theater - Berlin/Germany)


       Awarded with an Honour Mention for interpretation, with the scene “O Homem” in Breves Cenas de Manaus Festival, 5 edition (2013).  

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