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Clown name: MARIA GENIAL in Berlin and in Brazil MARIA EUGÊNIA.

Maria Genial is a clown who thinks she knows how to do everything, so she feels great. She is acrobatic, rhythmic, dancer, magic, mime and full of surprises.

Everything that others ask for, she "does", even if it doesn't come out so perfect for others but it does for her. It offers what you can give at the moment.

A clown who lives in the quest to live in the moment, attentive to his sensations and desires and then turns them into something that is light and optimistic, thus bringing laughter and pleasure to those who see.

She works as a clown at the Rote Nasen Berlin/Germany.

Developed her clown since 2000, with Pierre Byland (Suiça), Giovanni Foresti ( Italy ), Alberto Gaus (Brazil) , Alessandro Azevedo (Brazil), Silvia Leblon (Brazil), Marcio Ballas (Brazil), Bete Dorgam (Brazil), Cristiane Paoli Quito (Brazil), and others.

Participation in several festivals in Germany, Italy, Brazil, Venezuela, Bósnia, China as an interpreter for dance, clown and perfomer.

Developer of the clown show in alternative spaces and theatre: “Meu sonho Era...” Lately take part of the group Clownbaret - (Clown/Brazil), Amigos do Nariz Vermelho - (Clown/hospital/Brasil). Cia Ciabotto (Clown/Italy), Oucuplo (Clownclandestino/Italy), Flamingo Kabaret (Clown / Theater - Berlin/Deutschland), Sonntags Varieté (Clown / Theater - Berlin/Deutschland), Filmpark Babelsberg (Clown / Theater / Unterhaltung -Potsdam/Deutschland).