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Kalvin Clown Mulher.jpg

A parade of clowns, a meeting of clowns.

If you are clowns, or are starting out as a clown, you are very welcome.

Bring your costume nose and your instrument. (from ukelele to a trumpet, from a conga to a Kazoo).
And invite whoever you want to live this moment together.

The idea of this meeting aims to show that in Berlin there are clowns and that through their art they bring joy to the street.

It will be a stop with music and fun.

Making it to Marianenplatz Let's make a journey from point A to an end point B.

It is an artistic manifestation with the purpose of promoting the art of the clown in Berlin.

Clown/Idee: Luciana Arcuri, 

Clown, Musik verantwortlich: Ligia Liberatori

Long Video:    
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