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"The Man" (en) - "O Homem" (br)

The clown Maria Eugênia finds a new love, but is it true? See to see.

this scene has already been presented in several festivals, events, cabarets, in several countries such as: Brazil, Germany, Italy.

Award-winning scene - Honorable Mention - Manaus Breves Cenas Festival 5th ed - 2013


performance and direction: Luciana Arcuri


7 until 15 minutes.

Full video

"Tutte le direzione" (IT)

A duo theater invented in 2016 by Luciana Arcuri and Petterson da Costa. It was presented in Germany and Brazil

performance and direction: Luciana Arcuri and Peti Costa


15 min


Maria Eugênia e Margarita


Curious, brave, clumsy, philosophical, charming: clowns Maria Eugenia and Margarita will take you on a journey of discovery into wonderful worlds full of depth, humor and flair.


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